The Minivan Quote Heard 'Round the World

Well, we don't know if it was heard around the world, per say. But it's a pretty great quote. President Obama made it out to the Detroit Auto Show yesterday, and while he was there he caught glimpse of Chrysler's new protégé, the Pacifica minivan. "You guys remember 'Get Shorty' don't you?" the president said, according to MLive. "It's cool driving a minivan."

Did you get that!? The president himself said IT'S COOL DRIVING A MINIVAN! And with the imminent arrival of the Pacifica, it's only going to get cooler. Because the 2017 Pacifica boasts a whole new architecture, available seating for eight, a hand-free liftgate, and lots more. Oh, and we can't forget about the first-of-itf-kind hybrid option that gets up to 80 MPGe! How's that for cool?



Want more info about the Pacifica? Just visit the Chrysler website, or better yet contact us at Beadle's Chrysler Center, located at 5023 Fourth Avenue in Bowdle.

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