Surviving a Thanksgiving Family Road Trip

Are you thinking about taking a family road trip later this month during the long Thanksgiving weekend? The scenery this time of year is gorgeous. So, why not? If you haven’t already thought about your destination, here’s a suggestion from one of our previous blog posts. Now that you have a destination in mind hop into a Ram truck, and follow these tips and tricks to have the most stress-free family road trip possible.

What to Do Before Getting on the Road

If at all possible, travel on Thanksgiving day. This way, you’ll avoid a ton of unwanted holiday traffic. This next one is a must do. Also, make sure your tires, fluids, and other necessities are in good working order before you leave so you can avoid any unwanted delays when you hit the pavement.

Do This to Have a Smooth Trip

Bring more than enough snacks and water, so you don’t get hungry or fatigued. Also, make relaxing a priority with cozy blankets, pillows, and stuffed animals, whatever you need.

For more road trip suggestions, visit Beadle's Chrysler Center. Our experienced sales associates are available to answer any of your questions or help you test drive one of our spacious and comfortable Ram trucks. We proudly serve drivers in Aberdeen, Pierre, Bowdle, and Mobridge, South Dakota.

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